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Art Becomes an Agent of Disruption in Ukraine


Never on the map of the contemporary art world, Ukraine is experiencing an unusually high level of activity in this realm with a new solo exhibition by British sculptor Anish Kapoor, the first international Bienalle of Contemporary Arts in Kiev and the emergence of the Future Generation Art Prize

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A “Landmark” Museum for Ukraine


In a rare interview, Victor Pinchuk tells us about his plans to build a new contemporary art space in Kiev


Source of energy


Victor Pinchuk grew up in Soviet-era Ukraine, first in Kiev and then in the eastern town of Dnipropetrovsk, where queues for food and goods were a dreary facet of everyday life

Modern Medicis flash their cash in Venice as the world of art goes into a new orbit


Sir Elton John swept from his speedboat on the Grand Canal into a magnificent palazzo full of new international art and beamed like a proud parent at a school prizegiving. He greeted his host, a Ukrainian billionaire, bought one of the hulking concrete sculptures in the foyer and ascended the stairs to meet a young Brazilian artist who recently won a new art prize that Sir Elton helps to run.

Source: The Times

World’s Billionaires: Victor Pinchuk


#336 overall
#2 in Ukraine

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