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A Steel Mogul's Fascination With Koons's 'Cracked Egg'


Why the Ukrainian likes Jeff Koons, Sergey Bratkov and Olafur Eliasson

Source: The Wall Street Journal, author: Kelly Crow

Victor Pinchuk, milliardaire ukrainien cher à la France (fr)


INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE - À la tête d'un empire financier et industriel, ce natif de Kiev, fort proche des grands musées occidentaux, devient Chevalier des Arts et Lettres, ce mercredi 27 mars.

Source: Le Figaro

Дом, который строит Пинчук (рос.)


Source: Корреспондент

Bright Light, Big Money


There are some kinds of art that only museums or the very rich can collect. Among these are major pieces of “light art,” usually made by sculpting light in very large natural or industrial spaces.


Barron's Magazine
written by Charles Darwent

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