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Interview: Citizen multi-millionaire


V.Pinchuk is one of the wealthiest people in Ukraine, a son-in-law of the former president Kuchma, businessman and a PM. He doesn’t give interviews for Ukrainian and Russian media. Victor prefers to communicate with the foreign media, making an image of the public figure of European level.

Source: "Korrespondent", 17 August 2006

Interview: Renat Akhmetov and I treasure a reputation of honest-minded businessman and a patriot within and without Ukraine


Victor Pinchuk speaks about new government, about relations with his father-in-law and a joint project with Steven Spielberg

Interview: We should not be “orange” or “white-and-blue”, but “yellow-and-blue" - by the colours of the national flag of Ukraine


Though both candidates for the presidency have taken their families away from Kiev for security reasons, the son-in-4aw of the Ukrainian president has announced that he is an optimist and he is not going to take his children anywhere.

Source: Facty
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