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Brookings Institution

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Brookings InstitutionWe support the Brookings Institution project “The Frontiers of Europe” which analyzes current challenges facing the EU and its neighborhood. Our goal is to provide information for experts and policymakers in order to promote a European perspective for Ukraine.

The Brookings Institution is the largest think tank in the US and worldwide. It has extraordinary influence on foreign policy debates both in Washington DC and in Europe. For this reason the Victor Pinchuk Foundation is partnering with the Brookings Institution to promote debates in the West about the EU’s neighborhood and enlargement policies. Through innovative research, actionable policy recommendations, and high-impact outreach, the “Frontiers of Europe” project is helping the policymakers and stakeholders involved to better understand the challenges of stability, development, and integration for the EU’s neighbors and potential members such as Ukraine. This permits US and EU decision makers to craft better, more insightful and more consistent strategies designed to foster political and economic progress in the “frontier” states.

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