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The Victor Pinchuk Foundation supports the Atlantic Council’s Ukraine in Europe Initiative, which is designed to galvanize international support for an independent Ukraine within secure borders whose people will determine their own future. To advance this, the Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center (DPEC) convenes top transatlantic stakeholders in public and private fora and publishes original articles, issue briefs, and policy-focused reports that aim to strengthen Ukraine's security, preserve its territorial integrity, and advance transformational democratic, economic, and governance reforms. From the flagship publication UkraineAlert to timely discussions with American, European, and Ukrainian leadership, the Initiative generates intense public policy and media attention to Ukraine’s ongoing reform efforts and the security threats posed by a revisionist Russia in Europe’s East.

The Atlantic Council promotes constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the Atlantic Community's central role in meeting global challenges. The Council provides an essential forum for navigating the dramatic economic and political changes defining the twenty-first century by informing and galvanizing its uniquely influential network of global leaders. Through the papers it writes, the ideas it generates, and the communities it builds, the Council shapes policy choices and strategies to create a more secure and prosperous world. 


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Conference “Russia’s Cyber Operations in Ukraine and Beyond” (1st part) Hosted by Victor Pinchuk Foundation and Atlantic Council

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US-Ukraine Relations: Ways Forward


The Victor Pinchuk Foundation and the Atlantic Council hosted a private roundtable discussion under the Chatham House rule with a delegation of high-level form US ambassadors and government officials in Kyiv.

“US-Ukraine Relations: Ways Forward” Roundtable


On February 10, 2020, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and Atlantic Council will hold a roundtable titled “US-Ukraine Relations: Ways Forward” in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Victor Pinchuk Foundation and Atlantic Council to Host a Conference “Russia’s Cyber Operations in Ukraine and Beyond”


The conference will take place in Washington, DC and San Antonio, TX.

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