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wws_for site.pngSince 2010, the WorldWideStudies (WWS) scholarship program has empowered the best and brightest Ukrainian students to receive world class education and use it to transform Ukraine.

WWS has been the first private Ukrainian program systematically providing access to the world's best universities for young Ukrainians regardless of their financial background.

Since 2010, 94 young Ukrainians have been granted a WorldWideStudies scholarship.

The program allows Ukrainians to study abroad for a Master’s degree at one of the world’s 200 best universities.

After receiving their degree, WWS scholars are expected to work for a minimum of 5 years in Ukraine in their chosen fields.

Scholarships are awarded in six fields crucial for the development of Ukraine: public law; public administration, agriculture; environment and ecology; alternative energy; engineering and technology .

The amount is determined individually on the basis of need and merit. Grants cover up to 60% of the total amount required.

Participants are selected by an independent selection panel on the basis of an open and nationwide competition. Candidates choose a university and apply independently, and become eligible for a scholarship if they are accepted.

Victor Pinchuk announced the start of WWS at the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2008 Annual Meeting.


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Success stories of the scholarship holders of WorldWideStudies program


TV report about WorldWideStudies


TV report about WorldWideStudies


TV report about WorldWideStudies

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The Victor Pinchuk Foundation Commenced Selection Of Candidates To Study: In The World’s Top 200 Universities Under The “WorldWideStudies” Programme


The Victor Pinchuk Foundation invites potential candidates to take part in a selection process under the programme “WorldWideStudies”. The first 20-30 programme participants will go to study abroad already in 2010. The Foundation will give grants to young Ukrainians aged 35 and under who wish to get a Master’s degree in the world’s top universities in the fields of agriculture, environment and ecology, law and public administration

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation grants $30 million to support foreign education program for Ukrainian students


The Victor Pinchuk Foundation starts a World Studies program to support 500 Ukrainian students in receiving their master's degree in the best universities of the world.

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