Aspen Ukraine Initiative

Aspen Ukraine Initiative

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Aspen UkraineIn cooperation with The Aspen Institute (USA) and applying its well-known cutting-edge approach, with financial and organizational support of the Association of Aspen-Ukraine graduates we encourage Ukrainian leaders to develop valuesbased ideas and initiatives for improving their communities and country.

234 leaders from 26 Ukrainian cities took part in “Aspen-Ukraine” seminars. The Aspen Ukraine Initiative was launched in 2006 when we awarded scholarships to 8 Ukrainian leaders to enable them to participate in the Aspen Seminar in the US.

In 2008-2014 “Aspen-Ukraine” seminars brought together leaders for lively roundtable discussions led by skilled moderators. Classical and contemporary texts by Aristotle, Hobbes, Rousseau, Tolstoy, and Havel, reflecting the broad sweep of human civilization, formed the starting points of enriching conversations in which the questions posed by the group were frequently just as illuminating as the timeless wisdom of the texts.

Attendees have said that they left the seminar personally and professionally invigorated, and with better decision-making skills. The experience has often transformed participants and prompted them to set new goals for themselves.

Project events:

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