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Poll: European peoples behind Ukraine. The Ukrainian war seen from France, Germany, Italy and Poland

Is Russia’s war against Ukraine crystallizing unity amongst Europeans in a period of extreme tension on the international stage and in a tragic humanitarian context? 

Governments are all standing behind Ukraine while seeking to avoid escalation and doing their utmost to find a diplomatic solution. Many Europeans are expressing their support for Ukraine by taking part in protests and launching numerous initiatives. 

But what is the nature and extent of this support?

How do European citizens view their countries and their leaders? 

Are they ready to provide military equipment or to take in refugees?

To have Ukraine become a member of the European Union? 

Do they view the creation of a European army as one of the possible responses to ensure that Europe is protected against the current threats? 

These are some of the questions that the Yalta European Strategy (YES) and the Fondation Jean-Jaurès seek to answer through a novel European survey carried out by Ifop in four countries, France, Germany, Italy and Poland, from March 3 to 7 2022, one week after the beginning of the war.

Download: European peoples behind Ukraine. The Ukrainian war seen from France, Germany, Italy and Poland
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