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Viktor Yanukovych: EURO-2012 will give a new boost for the development of Ukraine and Poland

Davos Ukrainian Lunch 2011The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych believes that the UEFA 2012 European Football Championship in Ukraine and Poland will give a new boost for the development of both countries. This statement was made during his speech at the 7th Davos Ukrainian Lunch, organized by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and international investment advisory group EastOne.

According to President Yanukovych, this applies to both economic and social changes. “Regarding the economic changes, we become more open, innovative and competitive. We introduce progressive technologies and the best administrative knowledge. As to the social changes, actions speak louder than words – we are on the way to Europe, uniting with it via infrastructure, providing common humanitarian activities, changing mentality of the Ukrainian people”, he underlined.

The President regarded EURO-2012 as a powerful stimulus for inflow of investments to Ukraine. “A considerable scope of work is being done in all directions, done in a strict accordance with certain timelines and commitments we’ve made. Yes, it requires substantial financial resourses. But we knowingly accept this as we understand that we invest money in infrastructure – the ‘framework’, the strength of which in many ways will ensure future economic success of Ukraine”, he stated.

Viktor Yanukovych particularly emphasized the importance of cooperation with Poland during the preparations to the EURO-2012. “Proverbial wisdom says that we don’t get to choose our neighbours, they are given to us by God. And I’m sincerely grateful to God for such neighbour and such a reliable partner. I’m confident that by joining efforts with our Polish colleagues, we will create better conditions for a grandiose celebration of football and triumphantly cross the finish line”, said the President of Ukraine, addressing the participants of the 7th Davos Ukrainian Lunch.

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