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Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center: NEWS


On October 19, the second meeting of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre Supervisory Board took place

On the 19th of October, 2017, the second meeting of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Centre Supervisory Board (BYHMC) took place. Summary of the work over past the past was presented there, and priority tracks for the project development were outlined.

During the meeting, Supervisory Board examined study results on the potential land plots for the Memorial construction. Previously this year BYHMC had initiated independent research by authoritative organizations for the preservation of Jewish cemeteries and gravesites throughout the world, such as “Athra Kadisha” and the Center for the Protection of Burial Places in Europe, which established the exact boundaries of the former Lukianivka Jewish Cemetery. The next step is to decide on the land plot for construction on the basis of the information received and with respect for the sanctity and integrity of the Jewish Cemetery.

"Throughout the world, there are memorials dedicated to this painful tragedy that occurred during the Second World War. There are Holocaust monuments in Israel, Poland, Germany, the United States. However, in Ukraine - a place where an immense quantity of people – Jews, Ukrainians, Russians, and the Roma – were brutally killed, nothing has been done yet. We need to honor the memory of the lost there and remember the mistakes that cost many people their lives. As the capital's authorities, we do everything we can to ensure that future generations will always remember about the Babi Yar tragedy" – said Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv.

"It is extremely important for us to fulfill our moral duty to those who perished, who survived, who helped, risking their lives. It is also necessary to fulfill moral obligations to children. They must know history, not to repeat its mistakes and live in a better world. Ukraine has got another chance to show itself as a modern country that is capable of speaking openly and frankly not only about its achievements, but also about its own past. Ukraine will cope with it, and it will prove itself a European country” –highlighted Victor Pinchuk, a Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist.

At the same time, future BYHMC initiatives were presented to the members of the Supervisory Board. For instance, awareness of the young generation about history of their country is one of the key indicators of positive changes in society. The educational programs, which are planned to be initiated by the BYHMC, will not only serve as an opportunity for self-development but will also draw attention to the "forgotten" tragedy. Such an initiative is also important for the scientific community since it will enable to explore the topic of the Holocaust in Ukraine more deeply.

More detailed information about the development of the project find at the site of the Foundation and page in Facebook BABI YAR Holocaust Memorial Center.

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