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Aleksander Kwasniewski is prepared to advocate Ukraine’s interests in the European Union

In his speech on 15 April 2009 at the Diplomatic Club, organised by the Arseniy Yatseniuk Foundation ‘Open Ukraine' and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in partnership with YES (Yalta European Strategy), the ex-President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski expressed his readiness to defend Ukraine's interests regarding its EU membership.

"Europe without Ukraine is different to the one that might be including this country. Just look at it - 50 million population, strategic geographical location, absolutely European and Christian roots, immense potential - I think it would be Europe's greatest mistake to reject such a partner and a member in future", stated Polish ex-President during the meeting carried out within the International Dialogue Project. He underlined that "Ukraine must concentrate on a mutual dialogue with Europe, as the European community expects Ukraine to take reciprocal actions and counts on the country's responsibility."

Aleksander Kwasniewski believes in order to strengthen its standing in the international arena, Ukraine should develop relationships both with the Russian Federation and the West achieving political balance and maintaining its openness to the European partners.

In his opinion young democracies must work on democratic culture in particular, maintain stability and approach any Constitutional changes with caution. "A Constitution doesn't change people's nature. Even an imperfect Constitution, if handled by good people, can work well." - noted the ex-President of Poland.

Aleksander Kwasniewski called himself an "active advocate of Ukraine" and pointed out that Ukraine is an important part of his political career. For over 5 years the ex-President of Poland has been a member of the Board of Directors of YES, a non-governmental organisation founded in 2004 by Victor Pinchuk. YES brings together high-level participants in Ukraine and internationally: policy-makers, business leaders, thinkers, researchers and journalists in order to facilitate rapprochement of Ukraine and EU.

Among those present at the meeting with Aleksander Kwasniewski were the 1st President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, 2nd President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, ex-Miniser of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Anatoliy Zlenko, ex-Miniser of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Borys Tarasiuk and other top representatives of diplomatic, business and public circles.

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