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Clinton Global Initiative: NEWS


Victor Pinchuk has entered into partnership with President Clinton on "Clinton Global Initiative"

Сlosing of the Third Annual Meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative held in New York, the 42nd US President, William Clinton announced commitments of his international program.

Until recently, the "Clinton Global Initiative" project included businessmen, public figures, and politicians largely from USA. CGI members have made more than 600 global commitments in more than 100 countries. Now this unique experience will be expanded internationally. "Global Clinton Initiative" international program will engage representatives from different countries willing to take commitments to solve difficulties on both national and international scale.

"Global Clinton Initiative" program will be implemented in partnership with Victor Pinchuk and his Foundation, whose philanthropic and social activity was highly appreciated by President Clinton in his speech at the meeting of the GCI members.

"I would like to thank Victor Pinchuk and Elena Franchuk for their vigorous social activity and support provided to our international program" - pointed out William Clinton at the conference.

"For the last couple of years President Clinton has mobilized civil society around the world. He urges people to say not: "I am about to do something", but - "I will do this". President Clinton rallied many people engaged in philanthropy and social activity - businessmen, politicians, and heads of states. He sets the important benchmarks, which require investment vehicles for handling the problems the world is facing today. He creates conditions for brining together efforts of philanthropists and public figures. And therefore he makes it possible to solve such large-scale issues that one would never solve alone." - said Victor Pinchuk.

He believes that GCL program will help establish a worldwide philanthropy network that will make it possible to coordinate and consolidate activity of philanthropists from different countries.
"The global challenges, at which the efforts of GCI are aimed, are also being pressing for Ukraine. These are poverty, health care, and education. Solving the most pressing challenges existing in Ukraine has been and will always be the highest priority. I hope that our participation in GCI program will be to a great advantage to our country" - emphasized Victor Pinchuk.

The "Global Initiative" has already helped our country to get access to special prices for medicines badly needed by HIV/AIDS positive Ukrainians. Thanks to President Clinton the price for these medicines for Ukraine was reduced by almost 10 times - said the founder of "ANTIAIDS" Foundation, Elena Franchuk in New York. "Personification of philanthropy when an individual takes a commitment and is personally responsible for implementing certain social project considerably increases efficiency of public activity. I reckon that private initiatives within this sphere are one of the driving forces of social development within a present-day world", - she added.

During the third annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative philanthropists undertook commitments to implement 2400 projects that when fully implemented have the potential to impact the lives of over 100 million people around the globe.

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