Davos Philanthropic Roundtable: EVENTS


The 1st Philanthropic Roundtable in Davos

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On January, 24th, 2008 the Victor Pinchuk Foundation held the 1st Philanthropic Roundtable within the days of World Economic Forum in Davos.

The key speakers at the Roundtable Discussion were the founder of Open Society Foundation George Soros, The Economist Magazine's Editor Mathew Bishop, President of Global Health Program within Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Dr. Tadataka Yamada, the Head of Ukraine 3000 Foundation's Supervisory Council Kateryna Yushchenko, the CEO of Clinton's Global Initiative Robert Harrison. The moderator of the discussion was the President of Aspen Institute, former CNN President Walter Isaacson.

The main topics of the Roundtable Discussion were the problems of achieving the long-term effects of philanthropic activities, estimation of its results, relations between philanthropic organizations and state bodies, as well as development of philanthropy within the regions of "emerging economy", including Central and Western Europe.

According to the discussion participants' opinion the new philanthropic model, the XXI century model has to be based on three key principles. The first is a necessity to systematically approach social cause employing the best managerial business practices. The second basic principle of the new model is that a philanthropist should have a personal attachment to the cause and a personal benchmark of the results. And the third principle is that a field of philanthropic activity should be expanded to involve not only non-governmental organizations and business, but also broader public.

More than 150 participants attended the Roundtable; among them were representatives of the leading philanthropic organizations, companies, media, civil and research centers, businessmen and civil activists.

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