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24.01.2008 - Davos philanthropy roundtable. Davos January 24 2008

Photos by Sergiy Datsenko

Nataly Mohylevska , Olena Franchuk and the video blog girl
George Soros and Victor Pinchuk
Lilia Podkopaeva, Lev Parzhaladze, Gennady Gazin, Vitali Klitchko
George Soros and Victor Pinchuk
Andy Wilson, regional vice-president of the Eurasia Foundation
Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, musician and founder of the People of the Future Philanthropic Foundation
Aleksandr Kvasnevsky and Kateryna Yushchenko
Oleksandr Shvets, Lilia Podkopaeva and George Soros
Alexander Kwasniewski, president of Poland 1995 - 2005, Victor Pinchuk
Kateryna Yushchenko, Iolanta Kwasniewska, president of \"Communication without borders\" foundation
George Soros, Victor Pinchuk, Kateryna Yushchenko, Olena Franchuk
Judith Rodin, president of the Rockefeller Foundation
Journalists and the Round Table participants
Journalists and the Round Table participants
Walter Isaacson
Victor Pinchuk
Vitalina Yushchenko, head of the National charity committee
Lev Parzhaladze, head of the Board of XXI Century enterprise
Vitali Klitchko
Anna Starostenko, director of the Klitchko Brothers foundation
Lilia Podkopaeva
Robert Harrison, a CEO of the Clinton Global Initiative
Journalists and guests of the roundtable
Mathew Bishop, editor of The Economist
Kateryna Yushchenko
Victor Pinchuk
Walter Isaacson, president of the Aspen institute, former CNN president
Tadataka Yamada, president of Global Health Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
George Soros, Open Society Institute founder
Kateryna Yushchenko, head of Supervisory board of \"Ukraine 3000\" foundation
Speakers of the Davos philanthropic roundtable
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