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KSE Public Lectures presents a lecture "Ukraine within the 4-speed world"

18:00 Monday October 8 Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) in the framework of KSE Public Lectures presents a lecture "Ukraine within the 4-speed world" by James Wolfensohn, the ninth president of the World bank group.

The dynamic process of globalization, which accelerated in the last two decades, has resulted in unprecedented levels of growth and integration. However, while the world is becoming increasingly interconnected, it is simultaneously splintering into four tiers with different levels of growth and prosperity. I call this the Four Speed World, says James Wolfensohn.

In his opinion Ukraine lies in the second tier of this Four Speed World, comprised by low and middle-income economies that, for the past decade, have exhibited the fastest growth rates in the world. Nevertheless, Ukraine faces three main challenges: a shrinking and aging population (demographic challenge), low energy efficiency levels (energy challenge), and a low institutional quality judged by international standards (institutional challenge).

"How the country faces these challenges in the short and medium terms will determine if Ukraine will slip into the third tier, and join the group of middle income countries with stagnating growth, or if it will become a solid contender in the race to the first tier (the developed world)" - emphasized the ex-president of the World bank.

Also, in the event will participate Victor Pinchuk, a Honorary head of the KSE, co-presidents of the Board of Directors of the KSE Anders Aslund (Peterson institute of international economics) and Regina Yan (Eurasia foundation), KSE director Tom Coupe.

In the framework of KSE Public Lectures Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) invites to Ukraine a world-known economists, politicians and public figures to discuss actual challenges we face. During 1 year of the school's work under the invitation of the KSE Public Lecture Series in Kyiv spoke Dr. Robert Engle, winner of the Nobel Prize 2003 in economics; Dr. Francis Fukuyama, author of the book "End of history and the last man", professor of the international political economy at the John Hopkins University; Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Astronaut, NASA, and Robert Pindyck, co-author of the "Microeconomics".

Mass media accreditation is available till 17:00 5 October following the link .

Further information by phone: 494 11 48
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