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Victor Pinchuk Foundation funds medical equipment maintenance and supplies for Cradles of Hope centre in Chernihiv

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation helped the neonatal intensive care unit of the Chernihiv city maternity hospital by paying the cost of medical equipment maintenance worth UAH 61,581. Among others, the sum covered repairs of a medical air compressor for ventilators, two ventilators and a pulse oximeter.

The Chernihiv maternity hospital was the first centre to join the Cradles of Hope project in June 2006. Over the years of cooperation (2006-2021), the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has invested UAH 1.92 mln in the centre. Thanks to modern medical equipment provided by the Foundation, training courses and conferences, specialists at the neonatal intensive care unit have been widely practising the latest approaches to nursing premature babies, including those with extremely low birth weight (500-999 g), on a daily basis.

In addition to neonatal intensive care, the Foundation provided other hospital units with ultrasound diagnostic devices, foetal monitors, an X-ray machine, an anaesthetic machine for obstetric surgery, etc.

The Foundation systematically supports the partner centre by annually allocating funds for equipment repairs and supplies to ensure its smooth operation.

"It was our maternity hospital that the national project Cradles of Hope kicked off with. For 15 years now, extremely preterm babies have been cared for using only the equipment donated by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation," says Oleksandr Goshko, head of the neonatal intensive care unit. "This is top-quality state-of-the-art equipment that is reliable and fail-proof despite a constant high load. Naturally, it needs to be examined periodically and some of its parts require replacement. For many years, this important assistance has also been provided by the Foundation."

Over the years of partnership with the Chernihiv city maternity hospital under the Cradles of Hope project (2006-June 2021), a total of 57,332 babies have been born in this centre, including 4,303 newborns who received medical assistance in the intensive care unit. According to the centre's experts, 3,190 babies have been rescued thanks to the medical equipment provided by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

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