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Victor Pinchuk Foundation has covered expendables for Chernivtsi Cradles of Hope centre

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has provided help to its Cradles of Hope partner centre operating on the base of the Chernivtsi Oblast Children’s Clinic Hospital by covering the cost of temperature sensors and electric adaptors for artificial lung ventilation machines for the neonatal intensive care unit, worth UAH 55 560.

As part of technical support for Cradles of Hope centres, the Foundation helps on a regular basis the Chernivtsi Oblast Children’s Clinic Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, where about 200 infants get medical help every year. This time, in order to ensure continued operation of the breathing equipment and to provide appropriate breathing support to the little patients, necessary components have been handed to the Chernivtsi “cradles”.

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation started its cooperation with this medical facility in May 2007 by providing the neonatal intensive care unit with up-to-date medical equipment for nursing preterm infants. In addition, the central medical gas supply system was settled, funded by the Foundation. Over the period of partnership, the total investment into the Cradles of Hope centre in Chernivtsi has amounted more than UAH 1.73 million.

“To make a newborn to start breathing independently as fast as possible, there are varied modes of artificial lung ventilation that enable individual picking of the best parameters for every baby, - unit head Oleksii Kozma says. - Breathing function prosthesis saves infants’ lives and health, and therefore, every element is critical in this process. The temperature sensors set and maintain the necessary temperature of the oxygen-air mixture fed into the incredibly tiny and fragile lungs of the infants. It is thanks to the Victor Pinchuk Foundation that we have such sensors, and this will help save lives of little patients at our unit.”

Overall, 3 066 newborns have received help at the neonatal intensive care unit over the period of cooperation with the Chernivtsi Oblast Children’s Clinic Hospital under the Cradles of Hope project (2007 – 1st quarter 2021). According to the centre staff, 2 595 babies have been saved thanks to the equipment provided by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

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