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Victor Pinchuk Foundation has covered maintenance of medical equipment for Dnipro Cradles of Hope centre

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has covered the cost of maintenance of two compressors for the neonatal intensive care unit at the Professor Rudnev Dnipro Special Mother and Child Clinical Health Centre, for an amount of UAH 75 000. Continued operation of artificial lung ventilation machines and, respectively, timely provision of quality breathing support to preterm babies and infants in critical states depend on the compressors’ working capacity. 

The Cradles of Hope partner centre has been operating at this medical facility since 2006. At the time, the Professor Rudnev Dnipropetrovsk City Children’s Hospital (now Special Mother and Child Clinical Health Centre) needed badly the Foundation’s help, as it was the only medical facility in the oblast where surgery and correction of newborns’ congenital malformations was carried out, and where a new-born intensive care unit operated.

With the funds provided by the Foundation, full reconstruction of the paediatric rehabilitation unit for younger children with perinatal pathologies was carried out, and up-to-date high-tech equipment for treatment of preterm infants, including those having extremely low weight at birth (under 1 kg), was bought. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s overall investment in this Cradles of Hope partner centre has been UAH 2.72 million. 

Oleksandr Buyalsky, head of the neonatal intensive care unit: “It is impossible to overestimate the help that the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has provided to the neonatal intensive care unit at our Centre over the years of the cooperation. It is reassuring to feel the unceasing attention to operability of the medical equipment that was purchased at different times by the Foundation, and the attention to our other major and minor everyday challenges that those who aspire for improvement will always be facing. It is the help that not only gives life to children, but also encourages doctors and nurses in their work, does not leave them alone and gives hope for the better. This time again, the equipment repaired thanks to the Foundation has rejoiced our hearts and inspired new life into the compressors.”

Over the period from 2006 to the 1st quarter of 2021, 5 829 newborns have received emergency aid at the intensive care unit. According to the centre’s doctors, 1 740 babies could be saved thanks to the medical equipment provided by the Foundation.

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