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Victor Pinchuk Foundation has covered maintenance of breathing equipment and bought expendables for Ternopil Cradles of Hope centre

The Victor Pinchuk has covered the cost of maintenance of 3 artificial lung ventilation machines and bought breathing tubes and sensors for the Cradles of Hope centre operating on the base of the neonatal intensive care unit at Ternopil Oblast Perinatal Centre “Mother and Child”, worth UAH 63 137.

Ternopil Oblast Perinatal Centre “Mother and Child” was launched on the 1st of January, 2008, following a reorganisation of the Ternopil city public maternity home into a 3rd level obstetrics and gynecology society for highly skilled specialised help to pregnant women having obstetrical and extragenital pathologies, lying in and recently delivered women and newborns of Ternopil oblast and Ternopil city.

High obstetrics risk group pregnant women are sent to the perinatal centre for treatment and delivery: patients having diseases of cardiovascular system, lungs, renal system, endocrine diseases, neurological disturbances as well as those who have uterine scars, multiple foetation, recurrent miscarriage or complicated course of the current gestation. The establishment hosts about 2500 deliveries every year, and it is here that 80-86% preterm deliveries out of the overall number of such deliveries in the oblast are concentrated.

In December 2009, under the charity programme “Cradles of Hope”, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation equipped the newborn intensive care unit of this establishment, and in 2013, upgraded it with up-to-date medical equipment for breath support, treatment and special care for preterm babies for an overall amount of UAH 3.95 million. Nearly 250 infants receive help in this unit every year, most of them being preterm newborns.

Neonila Skubenko, head of the neonatal intensive care unit: “For us as well as for many other perinatal centres, support from philanthropists in especially important. A while back, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation helped us with modern equipment to save preterm babies, and has been since remaining by our side for already 11 years, providing a continued technical and educational support for our centre.”

Overall, in the years of cooperation with Ternopil Oblast Perinatal Centre “Mother and Child” under the Cradles of Hope project (2011-9 months of 2020), a total of 26 134 babies have been born at this medical institution, including 2 517 newborns who received medical assistance at the intensive care unit. According to the centre's experts, 2 186 babies have been saved thanks to the medical equipment provided by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

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