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Victor Pinchuk Foundation has Purchased Expendables for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Dnipro Cradles of Hope Centre

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has funded maintenance of breath equipment for the neonatal intensive care unit at the Professor Rudnev Dnipro Special Mother and Child Clinical Health Centre, for an amount of UAH 56 208. More specifically, artificial lung ventilation machines and humidifiers have been repaired and humidifier sensors have been replaced at the Foundation’s expense.


The Cradles of Hope partner centre has been operating at this medical facility since 2006. At the time, the Professor Rudnev Dnipropetrovsk City Children’s Hospital (now Special Mother and Child Clinical Health Centre) needed badly our help, as it was the only medical facility in the oblast where surgery and correction of new-borns’ congenital malformations was carried out, and where a new-born intensive care unit operated.


With the funds provided by the Foundation, full reconstruction of the paediatric rehabilitation unit for younger children with perinatal pathologies was carried out, and up-to-date high-tech equipment for treatment of preterm infants, including those having extremely low weight at birth (under 1 kg), was bought. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s overall investment in this Cradles of Hope partner centre has been UAH 2.65 million. Over the period from 2006 to 2019, 5 467 new-borns have received emergency aid at the intensive care unit. According to the centre’s doctors, 1 553 babies could be saved thanks to the medical equipment provided by the Foundation.


Oleksandr Buyalsky, head of the new-born intensive care unit: “Recently, the load on the new-born intensive care unit has grown considerably because of the increased number of seriously ill and preterm children who come to be treated by our unit from all over Dnipropetrovsk oblast. As a result, the equipment is operating non-stop, and it is more frequent that it requires repair and replacement of the worn-out parts and blocs. However, the state funding available allows only to cover a minor part of these needs, and we have to ask charities and partners for help. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s support is of extreme importance and value to us, as thanks to it, we will able to provide reliable and safe conditions for treatment and recovery of our little patients.”


The Cradles of Hope project is part of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s large-scale long-term investments in the younger generation for transformation and development of new Ukraine. Since 2006, the Foundation has opened under the Cradles of Hope programme 35 new-born aid centres with state of the art equipment, investing in the project UAH 113.4 million.


The centres operate along international standards. In order to maintain the functioning of the Cradles of Hope centres at a high level, the Foundation regularly provides funds for replacement of elements and parts of the equipment, its repair and supplies of expendables, and it offers regular training for doctors and nurses by organising conferences and training sessions.



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