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The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has purchased expendables for the intensive care unit at the Kyiv Perinatal Centre that is a Cradles of Hope partner

Continuing its efforts to support Cradles of Hope partner centres, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has handed central venous catheters and incubator filters for an overall amount of UAH 59 647.44 to the newborn intensive care unit at the Kyiv Perinatal Centre.

The Kyiv Perinatal Centre - to the establishment of which the Victor Pinchuk Foundation contributed under the Cradles of Hope programme in 2012 - is the biggest capacity maternity in-patient facility in Ukraine, specialized in preterm deliveries and nursing preterm newborns. Every year, about 7000 deliveries are hosted at the Centre, and more than 450 babies get treatment at the intensive care unit.

In 2017, it was at this perinatal centre that more than 70% of all preterm babies in Kyiv got help. All up-to-date technologies for preterm babies nursing have been put in place at the intensive care unit, with contribution from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, and doctors are proud to tell about achievements and results of their work.

Valeria Tyshkevych, head of the newborn intensive care unit: “Thanks to the help of non-invasive ventilation devices, applying СРАР therapy in the delivery rooms and use of Neopuff during transport from the delivery facility to the unit, the number of infants that needed conventional artificial lungs ventilation has dropped dramatically. Thus, over the three past years, the number of extremely preterm babies that were born at the 22-25 weeks and were subject to the artificial ventilation dropped by 78%”.

Overall during the period of partnership with the Kyiv Perinatal Centre under the Cradles of Hope project, 41 435 babies have been born in the centre, including 3 178 newborn who received help in the intensive care unit (whereas 402 with extremely low weight between 500 and 999 gram at birth). According to the specialists of the centre, it has become possible to save 2 371 babies, among other, thanks to the medical equipment provided by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

The overall investment of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in the Kyiv Perinatal Centre during the whole period of cooperation (2012 – 2017) has amounted to UAH 4 489 787 (including UAH 200 247 refurbishment works and purchase of expendables).

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