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#BDVYKLYK to Raise Funds to Purchase Infant Breath Resuscitators for 16 Cradles of Hope Partner Centres

Project #BDVYKLYK, with support of the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace, will raise UAH 2 005 840 to purchase modern infant breath resuscitators for 16 partner centres of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s Cradles of Hope programme that have been established on the base of perinatal centres or maternity houses. To support the project, please follow the link.

BDayVyklyk is an initiative calling to donate funds to support a selected charity project instead of receiving birthday presents. Opinion leader Kateryna Sadova has launched and became the ambassador of this charity initiative. On her birthday, 25 July, she called on all of her friends and those who wish to help raise funds to buy modern Neopuff TMRD-900 infant resuscitators for Cradles of Hope centres in Chernyhiv, Cherkassy, Dnipro, ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky (2 centres), Kropyvnytsky, Kyiv, Odessa, Poltava, Rivne, Sumy, Ternopil, Uzhgorod, Vinnytsia and Zaporizhzhia.

Every twentieth baby in Ukraine is born preterm, which makes 22 000 preterm newborns every year. A major issue for such infants, especially those with extremely low weight from 500 to 999 gram, is breath disorders and complications related to a long artificial lung ventilation. A timely and good quality medical help provided immediately upon delivery, is a factor of a successful treatment and of a future quality of life for such babies. However, this treatment is sophisticated, long and implies using modern high-tech equipment.

The Neopuff device is such a needed and yet expensive equipment, intended to treat infants’ breath disorders in the way of generating a continuous positive pressure in airways onsite in delivery rooms. Availability of such devices in the largest possible number of maternity houses will allow spreading this advanced treatment technique across the country and will provide doctors with vast professional possibilities to ensure a timely and good quality help to preterm newborns.

Thanks to this project, all caring people will now have an opportunity to help preterm babies struggle for their chance for healthy and full-fledged life. 

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