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First lives saved at the Mykolaiv-based “Cradles of Hope” Neonatal Centre

Within the first twelve days of operation, the eighteenth newly opened Cradles of Hope Centre in Mykolaiv provided a full scope of intensive care treatment to four newborns. Three of the infants are now transferred from the intensive care unit. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation received this news from Serhii Fomin, Head of the Intensive Care Department for newborn at Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Hospital. According to him, “the medical equipment handed over to us on 15th July has been working virtually non-stop since then.”

The first newborn transferred from the intensive care department to join his mother was Denis Zhorzha. His father expressed his gratitude to the intensive care unit staff, as well as the Foundation: “I would like to thank Victor Pinchuk in particular and all Foundation staff for providing the medical equipment. It so happened that on 16 July our son Denis was the first to become a patient, who survived owing to this state-of-the-art equipment provided by you. Only because of the competent joint efforts of the medical staff led and assisted by Serhii Fomin and the hi-tech medical devices supplied by the Foundation, our son is alive and well and gains weight.”

To equip the Newborns Intensive Care and Paediatrics departments, Mykolaiv Regional Children’s Hospital received the artificial pulmonary ventilation equipment, incubators, intensive care unit, and monitoring units to control the vital signs of the patients, a computer workstation and other equipment for premature newborns. The Cradles of Hope in Mykolaiv opened on 16 July 2009.

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