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The “Cradles of hope” Newborns Aid Centre launched in Khmel’nyts’kyi

March 5 2008 the "Cradles of hope", a Newborns Aid Centre, was launched in Khmel'nyts'kyi. Based in the premises of Khmel'nyts'kyi City Perinatal Centre within a newly completed newborns resuscitation unit the "Cradles of hope" centre was established due to cooperation between the program of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Khmel'nyts'kyi city and region authorities.

The newest medical equipment - complete set for 2 persons, a set for vacuum extraction, foetal monitor and supersonic diagnostic set, - which is now available in the "Cradles of hope" centre helped turning Khmel'nyts'kyi City Perinatal Centre, the region's busiest institution in terms of number of labours as well as hard cases of prematurity/extra genital pathologies in pregnant, into a complete complex for giving intensive care to the newborns.

Sergiy Mel'nyk, Khmel'nyts'kyi mayor, in particularly mentioned that "Establishing a Perinatal Centre that will render all kinds of medical services powered by hi-end technology was a first step of implementing the principle "healthy mother brings healthy child" in our town. I believe that launching the "Cradles of hope" centre will facilitate this cause and align town's medical care with the EU standards.

Launching the Khmel'nyts'kyi centre Victor Pinchuk said "Aim of the Program is to give another chance to life to the prematurely born children. Actually, we fight for their right to life, a fundamental human right. I see that it all begins today - so soon the ribbon is cut the battle unfolds. Let us be realistic, we will not always win but there will be more victories than defeats and each victory is, actually, a life saved.

In the launching ceremony participated Ivan Havchuk, head of the Khmel'nyts'kyi regional administration, Ivan Gladunyak, head of the Khmel'nyts'kyi regional council, Sergiy Mel'nyk, Khmel'nyts'kyi mayor, Andriy Ropotan, chief physician of Khmel'nyts'kyi City Perinatal Centre, Victor Pinchuk, philanthropist and businessman, other.

Ivan Havchuk, head of the Khmel'nyts'kyi regional administration, said "We recognize the state's responsibility to a childbearing mother and strive to save live and health of the baby through enhancing local and regional medical facilities and through joining the efforts of authorities and business".

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