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R. E. HOEKSTRA. Anticipating Rather Than Reacting.
Video-conference. D. DE LUCA. Non-Invasive High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation.
Video-conference. D. DE LUCA. How to Administer Surfactant.
D.P. MADAJCZAK. Resuscitation and Support of Transition of Preterm Infants at Birth.
A.ZIMMERMANN. Necrotising Enterocolitis.
Minister of Health of Ukraine Alexander Kvitashvili at a seminar for neonatologists
R. E. HOEKSTRA. Dexamethasone: Indications.
S. LAPONOG. Case Study Discussion.
I. KONDRATOVA. Case Study Discussion.
R. E. HOEKSTRA. The Team Approach.
D.P. MADAJCZAK. New Non-Invasive Weaning Modes.
A.ZIMMERMANN. Infection and Sepsis in the Neonate. Prevention of Infection and Sepsis in the NICU.
R. E. HOEKSTRA. Long-Term Outcome of Infants Born at 23-26 Weeks Gestation
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