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Minutes make the difference: Paramedics received assistance from the Victor Pinchuk Foundation

The humanitarian front remains no less important than the military one. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has delivered another batch of tactical medicine for civilian and military paramedics. 4 000 individual first aid kits (IFAK) and 100 emergency backpacks contain essentials to save the lives of the wounded.

Soldiers received 4,000 individual tactical first aid kits made in the USA. They are equipped according to NATO standards and contain only necessities for providing emergency medical care - stopping heavy bleeding or saving lives in case of chest wounds.

To provide a wide range of assistance, paramedics received 100 emergency backpacks with maximum equipment. In addition to the mandatory tourniquets, hemostatic Celox, Israeli bandages, the backpacks contain medical supplies for bandages, assistance in blocking the airways, abdominal and chest injuries, shock conditions with significant blood loss. With the help of such a backpack, a paramedic will be able to provide emergency assistance to at least 20 different people.

«Thank you for your constant support! To get a backpack of this type is a rarity. It includes a full set of tactical medicine that has proven to be the best in the world. They add a chance to save the lives of seriously wounded soldiers and save civilian Ukrainians who became victims of the terrorist state», - said a paramedic of one of the mechanized brigades. 

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