The Victor and Olena Pinchuk Foundations: Help on the medical front

On the Doctors Day, Victor and Olena Pinchuk's charitable foundations and Interpipe issued a joint report on the extent of their support for medics and healthcare establishments. Since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Victor and Olena Pinchuk Foundations have been among the largest donors to Ukraine's healthcare sector.

To protect medics and troops during evacuation from hotspots and battlefields, they have purchased and delivered 10 STANAG 4569 armoured ambulances from the UK.

More than 50,500 three-component tactical first aid kits have been handed over. Each first aid kit includes a CAT tourniquet, Celox haemostatic agents and bandages for immediate treatment of front-line casualties.

More than 77,500 tourniquets and 32,000 bandages have been handed over to combat medics for rescuing people in hotspots. More than 2,500 full IFAK tactical first-aid kits have been handed over to the Hospitallers paramedics and Territorial Defence medics. Also, 170 resuscitation backpacks have been handed over to the paramedics.

46 hospitals in 17 Ukrainian cities located in frontline areas and providing highly skilled care for the wounded have received the necessary equipment, medicines and consumables. For example, an anaesthesia station was purchased for the Zaporizhzhya Regional Children's Clinical Hospital, which provides urgent care for seriously wounded children, as part of the Ukraine Relief Fund charity initiative. Mobile incubators for the evacuation and safe transportation of critically ill infants were purchased for eight hospitals in Sumy, Zaporizhzhya, Mykolayiv and Kharkiv regions.

Hospitals in hot spots, particularly in Okhtyrka and Chernihiv, have been equipped with autonomous generators. Hospitals in the city of Dnipro that provide professional and highly specialised care for severely wounded people from the war zone have received systemic assistance. A mobile C-arc X-ray system, an anaesthesia station and intensive care ventilators have been supplied.

“Ukrainian medics are brave and indomitable. They work without breaks and weekends at the front, in ambulances, in operating theatres and intensive care units, providing highly qualified care for the injured. Therefore, our task is to support our medics in every possible way. We have been dealing with this issue systemically. Since 24 February, it has become our primary task,” said Svitlana Gritsenko, Director of the National Programmes at the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

“Since the first day of the war we have been doing our utmost to provide medics with everything they need,” said Olga Rudneva, Director of the Olena Pinchuk Foundation. “Today they also risk their lives to save the lives and health of our defenders and defendresses. Together with the government, volunteers and international donors we take care of their safety and provide them with everything they need for effective assistance.”

In constant cooperation with medics and healthcare establishments, the Victor and Olena Pinchuk Foundations continue to monitor the urgent needs of medical institutions and to provide targeted assistance the doctors need today.

The work continues.

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