Dnipro hospital has received modern equipment for highly complex surgeries from the Victor and Olena Pinchuk foundations

The Victor and Olena Pinchuk foundations have purchased modern equipment worth over UAH 3 million for the Dnipro hospital to perform highly complex surgeries. A portable x-ray machine and an anaesthetic machine have been delivered to the hospital to help its doctors save more people with complicated injuries.

In recent months, all the operating theatres in the hospital have been working 18-20 hours a day, almost continuously saving people with complicated polytraumas. During the spring, teams of doctors carried out more than 3,000 operations in 30 operating theatres. With the new equipment, they will be able to save even more lives. For example, a portable X-ray machine will enable diagnosis directly in the operating theatre, which is much more efficient than transporting a patient from the operating theatre to an inpatient MRT. A fully automated anaesthetic machine will not only facilitate a significantly higher number of more complex operations (this will be the hospital's seventh anaesthetic machine), but will also significantly reduce the workload of anaesthesiologists.

Anatoliy Galushchak, Head of the Polytrauma Department: "Modern anaesthesia means modern equipment above all. The Apus x3 anaesthesia workstation is the safest equipment of its kind. It allows maximum automation of the anaesthesia process, from calculating the optimal dose of a drug to monitoring all the functions of a patient's body."

Dmytro Ovcharenko, Head of the Neurosurgery Centre: "With the help of a high-frequency mobile X-ray system we can accurately and quickly monitor changes and damage to the spine and other organs during surgery. This will undoubtedly help us provide quality care for seriously injured people."

Both machines have been installed by a team of technicians and are already in use.

The Victor and Olena Pinchuk foundations have donated over $30 million to the army and civilians since the war began. Help is provided directly and through volunteer organizations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defence forces, health professionals and medical outlets, and the civilians. 

In particular, to meet the needs of tactical and civil medicine:

- Seven modern armoured ambulances have been procured to treat injured service members and civilians in hot spots.

- More than 50.5 thousand tri-component tactical first-aid kits for military personnel have been handed over to the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Health. Each of these kits includes a CAT military tourniquet, Celox blood-stopping products and bandages.

- Additional 77.5 thousand tourniquets and 32 thousand bandages were provided for ambulances to save people in the hot spots. 

- Over 2,500 fully-equipped tactical first aid kits were handed over to paramedics from the “Hospitallers” and medical staff of the territorial defence units.

- 170 resuscitation backpacks were provided for paramedics.

- 39 hospitals in 15 cities of Ukraine have received the necessary medicines and consumables. And hospitals in hot spots, in Okhtyrka, Chernihiv and Rivne particularly, have been equipped with additional power generators.

- Special transportation incubators for evacuating and safe transporting of newborn babies in critical condition were procured for 8 hospitals in Sumy, Zaporizhia, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv oblasts. 

- An anaesthetic machine for the Zaporizhzhya Regional Children's Hospital purchased as part of the Ukraine Relief Fund charitable initiative.

The Foundations also actively help the army and the territory defence forces, and implement humanitarian aid projects. Read more here.

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