The WorldWideStudies program of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation signed a partnership with Central European University (CEU) to co-finance education of Ukrainian students

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation's WorldWideStudies educational program has signed an agreement with Central European University (Austria) to co-finance education of Ukrainian students. Starting from September 2021, grantees of the WorldWideStudies program who enrolled in Master's programs at Central European University will be able to receive the remaining funds from the educational institution. Funding will be available regardless of the department and major chosen.

Upon the completion of their studies, students must return to Ukraine to work in their fields of study for at least five years, which is a requirement imposed by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation on all grantees.

Earlier the WorldWideStudies program had concluded similar agreements with the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom), the University of Pittsburgh School of Law (USA), the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), and the Department of Politics at the University of York (United Kingdom).

Since 2009, 121 young Ukrainians have received WorldWideStudies programme grants and studied or are studying at 58 world’s best universities. 7% of them are current members of Ukrainian Parliament, 54% grantees implement new standards in business on senior and top management positions, 13% grant holders work at state bodies and international organisations, and others lead their own companies and NGOs or continue their academic work.

The next call for grant applications under the WorldWideStudies program will begin on its website on 1 February 2022.

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