Businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk declared honorary citizen of Dnipro

Businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk has been declared honorary citizen of Dnipro thanks to his longstanding support for the city.

Thanks to Victor Pinchuk’s investment, INTERPIPE STEEL was built from scratch and launched in 2012: a modern innovative metallurgic plant. Overall, USD 1 billion has been invested into the construction of the plant and infrastructure facilities. The landmark project combines latest technologies and five large-scale installations by globally acclaimed artist Olafur Eliasson that have become an integral part of the enterprise’s architecture.

Today, it is one of the flagships in development of Eastern Europe’s industry and, specifically, of the city of Dnipro, operating meeting the highest environmental standards. The strict European regulations had been integrated back at the stage of designing the plant. The enterprise has no industrial discharge to the Dnipro river, and compared to the open-hearth production method, the pollution emissions have decreased 2.5-fold, and the carbon emission, 10-fold. The plant supports the city’s environmental initiatives and programmes.

More than 11 thousand employees work at the enterprises in Dnipro and its region.

INTERPIPE, with Victor Pinchuk’s support, continually goes on investing in the production development. Thus, for instance, only INTERPIPE NTPR alone has built over the recent years three new wheel and wheel-pair production lines. Currently, the company’s investment portfolio is worth USD 100 million.

In order to prevent the COVID-2019 epidemic, Victor Pinchuk, Ukraine’s industrial company INTERPIPE and EastOne investment and consulting group have been actively involved in funding and development of the preventive measures plan to fight the coronavirus and in informing Ukraine’s and the region’s population about such measures. Overall, USD 10 million has been channelled to help the medical workers fight the epidemic.

As part of implementation of that initiative, funds have been allocated for the nationwide purchase of coronavirus tests, part of which was directed to Dnipropetrovsk Oblast: more than 20 medical establishments have received help. Additionally, INTERPIPE has united the efforts of more than 100 Ukrainian and international companies under the Region’s Renaissance charity foundation, established upon the company’s initiative.

Overall, since the start of the pandemic, INTERPIPE and the Region’s Renaissance charity foundation have purchased more than 500 thousand items of individual protection means, including isolation coats, biological protection suits, breathing masks, gloves and protective glasses. In spring and early summer, 10 US-made artificial lung ventilation machines were shipped to the Dnipro, Nikopol and Novomoskovsk support hospitals, which was a substantial help for the medical workers in treatment of people affected by the coronavirus. In addition to the ALV machines, 160 oxygen concentrators were purchased for the hospitals, half of which were bought in autumn to equip special hospital beds.

Victor Pinchuk has commented:

It has always been making me proud to feel myself part of my fellow countrymen community. It remains my duty to help and support my hometown.

It has been a great honour for me to receive such a recognition from it.

Although I sincerely believe that the title of Dnipro citizen is an honour in itself.

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