10 artificial lung ventilation machines bought by Elena Pinchuk Foundation and Victor Pinchuk Foundation installed in Ukrainian hospitals

On March 26th, 2020, the Elena Pinchuk Foundation and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation have completed the handing over to Ukraine’s hospitals 10 artificial lung ventilation (ALV) machines bought to fight the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

The list of the medical facilities that have received the AVL machines had been established in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. All these facilities are hospital bases in the respective regions intended to provide medical help to COVID-19 patients. Specifically, the following establishments have received AVEA AVL machines (CareFussion, USA):

1) Zakarpattia Oblast Clinic Infective Hospital;

2) Lviv Oblast Clinic Infective Hospital;

3) Volyn Oblast Infective Hospital;

4) Chernivtsi Oblast Infective Hospital;

5) Ismail Raion Central Hospital (Odesa oblast);

6) Rubizhne Town Central Hospital (Luhansk oblast);

7) Kostiantynivka Infective Hospital (Donetsk oblast);

8) Oleksandrivska clinic Hospital in Kyiv;

9) Kyiv City Clinic Hospital 4;

10) Kyiv City Clinic Hospital 9. 

The special AVL machines are a key element in treating patients with COVID-19 having heavy respiratory complications and needing hospital admission. 

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