Jeff Koons, one of the worlds' famous contemporary artists, has arrived in Kyiv

 Jeff Koons has arrived in Kyiv today. He is one of the most prominent contemporary artists. According to the annual rating of ArtReview magazine, he was ranked among the top ten most influential persons of the contemporary art in 2006.

Reason for Koons' arriving to Kyiv was the opening of Reflection exhibition displaying his works in PinchukArtCentre, on the 6th of October and a round-table session "Artist of 21 century".

 On October 5, Jeff Koons, jointly with Antony Gormely, Serhiy Bratkov, Arsen Savadov, Illya Chichkan and Vasyl Tsaglov are to held a master-class dedicated to trends of contemporary art development. He will also, together with Damien Hirst, Andreas Gursky and other artists, take part in the opening ceremony of the REFLECTION exhibition.

Jeff Koons has arrived to Kyiv at the invitation of Victor Pinchuk. This is his first visit to our country. He has arrived in Kyiv with his family: his wife Justine Willer Koons and his three children - Kurt, Shon, and Blake.

In his brief interview in Boryspil airport, Jeff Koons said that he always wanted his woks to tell a viewer - "everything is possible in this world!" "Art is a delicate substance. This is not what is hung on a wall. This is the feelings aroused in a viewer's soul when he or she is looking at a piece of art. So, please come to look at the exhibition with open heart and clear mind."
Ukrainians will have a chance to look at two works of the artist in PinchukArtCentre. These are paintings titled Girl (Dots), 2007, LandscapeWaterfall II, 2007.

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