International scientific conference for neonatologists in Kyiv, as part of the "Cradles of Hope" of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation

28-30 November, 2012, within the framework of the "Cradles of Hope" program and in the partnership with the National Project “New Life”, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation will host an international scientific conference “Modern approaches to organizing and providing care for premature newborns” for neonatologists, child anesthesiologists and emergency physicians.

The purpose of the conference, which itself is a new step in implementation of the educational component of the “Cradles of Hope”, is to train Ukrainian neonatologists, to introduce them to new international practices, to implement advanced approaches of care for premature infants and to have a direct dialogue with the top professionals. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation invited nearly 130 specialists from all regions of Ukraine, including staff members from existing perinatal centers, and those who will work in the “New Life” centers to open in the future. Also conference participants include chief regional neonatologists, doctors from “Cradles of Hope” partner centers, and representatives of neonatology departments of Ukraine’s medical schools.

Leading experts in neonatology from Austria, Poland, the USA, and Turkey will be among the key speakers of the conference. For the first time the Ukrainian neonatology hosts a specialized conference featuring international experts of this level.

Expert speeches will cover a wide range of issues, including, among others, different types of respiratory support for neonates; parenteral nutrition; monitoring patients on artificial ventilation; treatment of the most common diseases of premature babies; surfactant therapy and noninvasive methods of surfactant administration; minimization complications that lead to neurological diseases due to long-term intensive care, etc. A separate session block of the conference will focus on early rehabilitation of premature infants and children with organic lesions of the central nervous system.

Under “Cradles of Hope” program, in addition to equipping neonatal centers with the high quality equipment, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation also pays great attention to regular activities intended to provide theory and practice training for staff of the program’s partner clinics. Since program launch in 2006, the Foundation supported and organized 16 training courses and events attended by more than 600 healthcare professionals from all regions of Ukraine.

Partners of the Conference:

NZ Techno
Nycomed Ukraine

The conference is supported by the State Agency for Investment and National Projects of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association of Neonatologists.

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