Victor Pinchuk Foundation and Coca-Cola Foundation to hold the “Zavtra.UA Climate Change Camp” for the scholarship holders of “Zavtra.UA” program

On August 16-19, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, supported by the Coca-Cola Foundation, will hold an educational workshop “Zavtra.UA Climate Change Camp” for the Zavtra.UA scholarship holders on the problems of environment and development of cutting-edge energy saving technologies. The event will be held at Sosnova Roshcha camp located in Pishchanka village of Dnipropetrovsk region.

The forum will bring together about 200 “Zavtra.UA” scholarship holders, young scientists and leaders of public organizations from around Ukraine. Its key objective is to draw attention of community-minded young people to problems of the environment and provide incentives to address them.

Dr. Kadri Ozen, Public Affairs Director, Coca-Cola Eurasia & Africa Group: “At the Coca-Cola Company, we believe that the future of every one of us, the future of our business depends on the sustainability of the environment and the communities.  This is why sustainable water and energy use, climate change prevention are among the priorities in our Vision 2020. We collaborate with expert institutions, academia and civil society for practical solutions to offer a positive change for the better. The partnership we have with the Victor Pinchuk’s Fund students program “Zavtra.UA” is built to inspire young generation in protecting our common planet”.

Dr. Thomas Weihe, Acting Head of the Board, Victor Pinchuk Foundation: “We want the scholarship holders of Zavtra.UA to be responsible and active citizens who improve their communities and society. Learning about environmental challenges in Ukraine and how to tackle them will enable them to make concrete contributions - in an area that is crucial for the quality of life and sustainability of countries”.

Over the course of four days the forum participants will have the chance to listen to lectures and communicate with leading experts in the environmental area, find out about global experiences in tackling environmental problems, learn about new
eco-system preservation techniques, and independently develop ideas and initiatives to be implemented in projects aimed at solving environmental issues. Within the scope of the practical part, all Forum participants will clean the banks of the river  Samara.

The following experts have been invited to share their ideas and experience with the scholarship holders and work on the projects as mentors together with them: Dr. Kadri Ozen, Director for Public Relations of Eurasia and Africa Group, Coca-Cola Company; Roman Zinchenko, coordinator of Greencubator, a Ukrainian energy innovations network, co-organizer of TEDxKyiv; Anastasiya Lebedeva, HR manager of Olena and Victor Pinchuk Foundation charitable funds, an expert in building and motivating efficient project teams; Marina Mykhailovska, head of environmental protection section, MRIYA Agricultural Holding, and others.

In addition to this, graduates of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation World Wide Studies program ­– the young generation of the leading Ukrainian professionals in the environmental area - will also take part in the forum as mentors.

On the last day of the forum the participants will visit the INTERPIPE STEEL based in Dnipropetrovsk, which is an example of “green” metallurgy in Ukraine. The plant is equipped with highly effective environmental protection technologies enabling to prevent negative effect upon the environment of the region. Following the start-up of the enterprise, INTERPIPE managed to reduce natural gas consumption by 60 million m3 per year and decreased emissions of the pollutants 2.5 times.

In addition to educational and practical training activities, the forum agenda will also include teambuilding trainings, interesting and dynamic tasks and activities, as well as communication with like-minded people and friends representing the community of the most talented and active young people of Ukraine.

“Zavtra.UA Climate Change Camp’’forumwill be a new step in the implementation of social projects in the environmental area carried out by the grant-holders of the “Zavtra.UA” program. Over the 6 last years the students took part in a project each summer to clean and improve cultural and historical sites and  natural reserves in Ukraine, as well as raising public awareness. To find out more about the project, please visit

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