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YES aim is to shorten a term of accession of Ukraine to the European Union - Pinchuk

Aim of Yalta European Strategy (YES) is shortening of a term of accession of Ukraine to the EU by minimum a year. So said Victor Pinchuk, founder of YES, to the journalists at the press-conference at the 4th annual meeting of the organization.

I am sure that yesterday's discussions shortened a term of Ukraine's accession to the EU by minimum one quarter", - said Victor Pinchuk. - I set myself a goal to shorten this road by minimum a year".

"In the political sense now road from Kyiv to Brussels lies through Yalta", - he noted.

Among the most noteworthy achievements of the 4th annual meeting Victor Pinchuk cited Friday discussion between representatives of domestic elite, European and Russian politics, diplomats and researchers featuring William Clinton, 42 president of the US, Alexander Kwasniewski, former president of Poland, Gerhard Schroeder, former chancellor of Germany, Victor Chernomyrdin, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ukraine.

"Yesterday we saw open and constructive discussion touching upon some acute issues and bringing us to a whole another level. Finally, we have an opportunity to see the "Russia-Ukraine-EU" triangular as a wholesome picture, to shed a light onto what is going on in that triangular, - said Victor Pinchuk.

In the opinion of Ukrainian businessman, stance of Gerhard Schroeder, former chancellor of Germany, as regards accession of Ukraine to the EU is "positive and constructive. His role in the Eurointegration of Ukraine is important in that he is one of the most influential persons in contemporary politics. It is so due his past activity, due to the fact that his friends are largely engaged into actual politics, and ,finally, due to his relations with Russia".

Symbolic called Victor Pinchuk a visit of Bill Clinton, 42 president of the US, to Livadia. He noted that it was the first visit of the US president to Livadia since arrival of Franklin Roosevelt. "Then the summit disintegrated Europe, now Yalta meeting is a symbol of its integration", said Victor Pinchuk.

According to Mr. Pinchuk, in the course of excursion Bill Clinton saw the library of Franklin D. Roosevelt located in Livadia. By words of Mr. Pinchuk there the 42nd president of the US found previously unknown work of his predecessor.

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