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YES summit makes a special emphasis on the importance of Ukraine for stability in Europe and world – Schroeder

In his welcoming speech at the official opening ceremony of the 4th annual summit of Yalta European Strategy (YES) the federal chancellor of Germany (1998-2005) Gerhard Schroeder pointed out that Europe needs "democratic development and territorial integrity of Ukraine". So does Russia because Russia is linked to Ukraine through history, culture and language more than any other European country.

He emphasized that Germany and the EU are supportive of Ukraine's political and economic reforms primarily those aimed at development of democracy in the country and reforming the system of state government.

As the Chancellor Schroeder was speaking about the role of YES meeting he pointed out "this conference stresses the importance of Ukraine and its people for security, and stability within European continent and in the whole world".

"Yalta European Strategy" (YES) is an independent organization, which brings together high-level policy-makers, business leaders, thinkers, researchers, and journalists in Ukraine and abroad to facilitate Ukraine's accession to EU. The annual YES summits in Yalta have become the leading informal high-level forum focused on discussing and development of political recommendations. In 2006, the YES experts developed an analytical document "Agenda-2020", representing a step-by-step strategy for Ukraine's accession to the European Union in 2020. YES organization was created by a Ukrainian businessman and public figure, Victor Pinchuk in 2004.

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