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Victor Pinchuk Foundation has funded repair of medical equipment and expendables for Chernihiv Cradles of Hope Centre

The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has supported the neonatal intensive care unit of the Cradles of Hope centre on the base of the Chernihiv City Maternity by covering the cost of medical equipment maintenance amounting UAH 50 772. Specifically, ALV pressurised air supplying compressor has been repaired, and pulse oximeter sensors, temperature sensors and an electric adaptor have been handed.

The Chernihiv Maternity has become the first Cradles of Hope partner project, launched in June 2006. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s overall investment over the years of cooperation (2006-2020) has amounted UAH 1.8 million. Thanks to the up-to-date medical equipment provided by the Foundation as well as trainings and conferences, the neonatal intensive care unit professionals have introduced and have been widely using in their everyday practice the best techniques to nurse preterm babies, including those having an extremely low weight (500-999 g).

In addition to the neonatal intensive care unit, other units of the maternity have been provided with ultrasonography devices, foetal monitors to observe the condition of a foetus in mother’s womb, an X-ray machine, an anaesthesia machine for obstetrical surgical intervention and other.

The Foundation has been consistently supporting its partner centre by allocating on an annual basis funds for maintenance and expendables to provide for its continuous operation.

Oleksandr Hoshko, head of the unit: “Over the past 10 years, children with an extreme weight at birth (500-1000 g category) have been successfully nursed at our unit, using the equipment installed by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. And the best proof to that is the annual celebration of the Preterm Baby Day, where our “alumni” gather at the maternity to show their achievements and talents.”

Overall, 54 607 infants have been born over the period of partnership with Chernihiv City Maternity Hospital under the “Cradles of Hope” program (2006- 1st semester 2020); 4 109 of them were patients of the intensive care unit. According to doctors of the centre, 3 065 babies were saved thanks to the equipment provided by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation. 

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