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Victor Pinchuk Foundation Has Purchased Expendables For Volyn Cradles of Hope Centre

In continuation of its systemic efforts to provide technical support to Cradles of Hope partner centres, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has purchased expendables for the breathing support equipment for the newborn anaesthesiology unit of the Volyn Oblast Children’s Territorial Medical Association, amounting overall UAH 59 220.

The Volyn Oblast Children’s Territorial Medical Association is a diagnostic and treatment as well as organizational and methodological centre for special medical aid to children’s population in Volyn oblast. The association’s collective provides annually indoor treatment along 25 specialisations for more than 15 thousand patients, and more than 65 thousand children receive assistance at the children’s consultation office. There are 26 diagnostic and treatment units and services at the hospital, including the oblasts family planning and reproductive centre, and a 15 bed newborn and preterm anaesthesiology unit with a mobile anaesthesiology brigade providing aid to infants born at oblast’s in-patient delivery facilities needing further special treatment. 350 to 450 infants are treated annually at this unit.

The partnership with this medical facility under the Cradles of Hope programme started in 2006, when the Victor Pinchuk Foundation bought for the family planning and reproductive centre at the Volyn Oblast Children’s Territorial Medical Association an expert class ultrasound machine, Siemens Sonoline G60S. Also in 2009, the Foundation contributed to equipping the newborn and preterm anaesthesiology unit by providing medical equipment for 1 intensive care bed, including an artificial lung system and an open resuscitation system. The Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s overall investment over this period of partnership has amounted to almost USD 125 000.

Oksana Chopko, Deputy Director General for Neonatology: “In view of the great number of patients in need of breath support, a sensitive issue for the unit is repair and upgrading of artificial lung systems. Because of the state funding being insufficient to keep the equipment operational, we have requested the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s help, and we are very grateful for the prompt solution of our problem. This is utterly important, as the matter is about saving children’s lives.”

Overall, during the period of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s partnership with the Volyn Oblast Children’s Territorial Medical Association under the Cradles of Hope programme (2006 – 6 month in 2019), more than 5000 infants have received medical aid at the newborn and preterm anaesthesiology unit.

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