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Victor Pinchuk Foundation Has Purchased Expendables and Funded Repair of Equipment for Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Mykolaiv Oblast Children’s Clinic Hospital

In continuation of its efforts to provide technical support to Cradles of Hope partner centres, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has purchased expendables for the breathing support equipment and incubators for the newborn intensive care unit of the Mykolaiv Oblast Children’s Clinic Hospital, amounting overall UAH 61 275.


In July 2009, this health establishment joined the national network of neonatal centres “Cradles of Hope” that the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has been building under its cognominal project for more than 12 years as of now. Two neonatal units of the Mykolaiv Oblast Children’s Clinic Hospital were equipped with advanced medical and computer devices of an overall value of USD 1 153 867, which expanded the professional abilities of the doctors and nurses in the process of treating and nursing infants in heavy condition.


Since then, taking into account the big flow of patients from around the region and the continuous overload of the neonatal units, the equipment provided by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has been operating non-stop, and it occurs that the service rules are not always respected or the necessary routine breaks are made. In order to prevent the equipment idle time due to parts wear, a timely replacement of expendables and regular maintenance are necessary.


Over the whole period of the cooperation, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation has been supporting the Mykolaiv Cradles of Hope centre. From 2010 to 2017, medical equipment was maintained and expendables for it were bought at the expense of the Foundation for an amount of UAH 200 118.


Serhii Fomin, head of the newborn intensive care unit: “All the equipment donated by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in 2009 has been helping us save more than a hundred of little lives every year. In a situation of a limited state funding, the issue of parts replacement for the medical devices and purchasing expendables is often a complex challenge, and we are thankful to the Foundation for helping ensure a continuous operation of the medical equipment for many years”.


Over the period of cooperation with the Mykolaiv Oblast Children’s Clinic Hospital under the Cradles of Hope project (2009 – 3rd quarter 2018), 3837 babies have received help in the newborn intensive care unit. According to the centre specialists, more than 1000 infants were saved thanks to the equipment supplied by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.



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