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For journalists’ attention

On the eve of the International Children Protection Day we want to attract mass-media's attention to the problem of infant death in Ukraine.

We invite you to participate in the discussion on the problem of domestic infant death and Ukraine's transition to the standard of the newborns' registration promoted by the World Health Organization.

Discussion's participants:
Chief neonatologist of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine Elyzaveta Shunko, Chief physician of the Crimea national children's clinical hospital, resuscitation and intensive care specialist Alexander Astahov, and a founder of the Cradles of Hope program (building of the nation-wide network of the newborns medical care centers) Victor Pinchuk.

The discussion is held Tuesday, May 29th on 12:00 at 45/2 Pushkinska Str. 4th floor, room 27, the Cradles of Hope program's office.

We invite you to confirm your participation by phone 494 11 48 or through e-mail: [email protected]


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