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11.04.2008 - Media preview of Oneness exhibition by Mariko Mori in the PinchukArtCentre. April 11 2008

Photos by Sergiy Datsenko.

\"Enlightment Capsule\"
Wave UFO: sideview
\"Tom na h-iu\"
A guest examines \"Miracle\"
\"Єднання\" (Oneness): гості обіймаються з прибульцями
\"Oneness\": media preview guests embrace the aliens
Mariko Mori
\"Oneness\" installation
Mariko Mori and Peter Doroshenko
Wave UFO installed in the yard of the Arena City Hall (top view)
Victor Pinchuk, Mariko Mori, Peter Doroshenko
Wave UFO
Mariko Mori and Peter Doroshenko. Background: \"Beginning of the End: Times Square and Shibuya\"
Victor Pinchuk, Mariko Mori, Peter Doroshenko
First visitors of the Wave UFO are getting ready to visit the installation
Victor Pinchuk and Mariko Mori
Mariko Mori and Peter Doroshenko, art-director of the PinchukArtCentre, present the exhibition
Mariko Mori holds a press-conference
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