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The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has announced the winners of the Zavtra.UA 2022 scholarship program

93 students from Ukrainian universities became the winners of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation's Zavtra.UA 2021/22 competition and joined the community of the Zavtra.UA scholars.

The winners represent 43 universities from different regions of Ukraine. As for the gender, 54% are female and 46% are male. The list of Zavtra.UA 2022 scholars can be found here.

The winners of the competition are students of the Ukrainian institutions of higher education, who have received the highest scores in the three rounds. The total amount of points must be equal or higher than the limit for the number of scholarship recipients. This year's winners scored between 67.3 and 86.1 points. The maximum amount of points a participant in Zavtra.UA competition can get is 100 points: 20 points for participation in the 1st round, 40 points for the 2nd round, as well as 40 points for the 3rd round. The results of the contest and rating of this year's winners can be found here.

Information on registration of the necessary documents and other organizational issues will be sent to the scholars by e-mail as soon as possible. We congratulate the new scholars and members of the Zavtra.UA community!

We also thank all those who participated in the competition, and we are looking forward to seeing you in the next competitions of the program!

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