Kyiv Post, in Partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Have Held the Award Ceremony TOP 30 UNDER 30

On the 5th of December, 2017, the English language publication Kyiv Post, in partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, held the award ceremony TOP 30 UNDER 30 that closed the 6th annual TIGER CONFERENCE. The awardees are young Ukrainian leaders: those who are devoted to their activity, have distinguished achievements or impressive innovative idea to implement changes in Ukraine and in the world.

Kyiv Post, in Partnership with the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Have Held the Award Ceremony TOP 30 UNDER 30

At the award ceremony, businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk awarded the nomination winner Rimma el Joueidi who is the co-founder of the Teach for Ukraine project. This programme involves talented graduates and young professionals to teach at schools and develops their leadership potential to extend the education opportunities in children’s lives today and implement systemic transformations in the country tomorrow.

When awarding Rimma, Victor Pinchuk pointed out that to some extent, he is her partner, as under the WorldWideStudies scholarship programme, he provides support to Ukrainian youth eager to study at Western universities and come back to Ukraine to develop it.

Additionally, the Kyiv Post honoured Victor Pinchuk with a special award for supporting the younger generation. When receiving the award, he addressed the young leaders: “To me, this is great to support the younger generation, the new generation. About 15 or 20 years ago, I was “next generation” too. My generation did lots of good, but also made many mistakes. You should learn from our mistakes and at the same time, move forward. But I would not say that it is about a relay race here, and that we relay something to you. It is a mixture of a relay race and a marathon, because we love Ukraine too, we dream of a successful country, we want to move forward along, and nobody relays this baton to you. We should carry it together, but you should run faster than we do.”

Last year, the TOP 30 UNDER 30 nomination awardees included the Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s WorldWideStudies programme alumni Alina Sviderska for her active role in implementation of the deregulation reform and Lesya Vasylenko for the establishment of the Lawyers Hundred ho help ATO participants defend their right. 

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