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Capital. Victor Pinchuk

At the approach of the regular elections to Verkhovna Rada it is getting much clearer that several political forces, running for the parliamentary mandates, are determined to set up their campaigns against large-scale business, indulging in classical "anti-oligarch" eloquence.

Interview: Her main weapon is populism

In his interview for "Vedomosti", Victor Pinchuk was telling about his business prospects and on how the developments around his Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant had influenced the political events in the Country.

Interview: Citizen multi-millionaire

V.Pinchuk is one of the wealthiest people in Ukraine, a son-in-law of the former president Kuchma, businessman and a PM. He doesn’t give interviews for Ukrainian and Russian media. Victor prefers to communicate with the foreign media, making an image of the public figure of European level.

Source: "Korrespondent", 17 August 2006
Interview: Renat Akhmetov and I treasure a reputation of honest-minded businessman and a patriot within and without Ukraine

Victor Pinchuk speaks about new government, about relations with his father-in-law and a joint project with Steven Spielberg

Interview: We should not be “orange” or “white-and-blue”, but “yellow-and-blue" - by the colours of the national flag of Ukraine

Though both candidates for the presidency have taken their families away from Kiev for security reasons, the son-in-4aw of the Ukrainian president has announced that he is an optimist and he is not going to take his children anywhere.

Source: Facty
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