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The War in Ukraine and the Future of the World Online conversation


The 5th Munich Ukrainian Lunch on Ukraine’s and Europe’s Security


YES online conversation on “Doom: The Politics of Catastrophe” by Niall Ferguson


Threats to Ukraine’s Security, and What the International Community Can Do

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Victor and Elena Pinchuk to provide the first batch of armoured ambulances to emergency doctors


Victor and Elena Pinchuk will provide the first batch of seven STANAG 4569 armoured ambulances to emergency doctors to rescue wounded soldiers and civilians from the affected combat zones.

OPINION COMMENTARY: Ukraine Needs More Than Sympathy From the West to Beat Russia. I know sending us planes and weapons is risky. But the risks of inaction are even greater.


In Europe blue and yellow paint are in short supply. Europeans are asking themselves in desperation, “If we run out, how will we be able to support Ukraine?”

Poll: European peoples behind Ukraine. The Ukrainian war seen from France, Germany, Italy and Poland


Is Russia’s war against Ukraine crystallizing unity amongst Europeans in a period of extreme tension on the international stage and in a tragic humanitarian context?

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