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EU must say a clear "YES!" to Ukraine - Kwasniewski


"Ukraine has its own place in Europe, determined by its culture, history, traditions and democracy". I expect from EU a simple and very clear statement "Yes! We do need Ukraine!".

Ukraine-EU relations are likely to influence the development of the continent in whole - Schroeder


Gerhard Schroeder pointed out in his speech at a round-table session "Agenda–2020 and the future relations between Ukraine and EU" that the Euro-integration process on the whole is a sort of a response to globalization.

Ukraine and the EU need to set a new objective, a new pattern of relations - Siewec


Vice-president of the European Parliament, Board Member of YES, Marek Siewec believes that the year 2020 is "a feasible time for Ukraine's accession to the EU no matter what".


Ukraine's destiny with the European Union - Yatsenyuk


The Ukrainian State needs to see well-defined guidelines and benchmarks that will eventually indicate the time when Ukraine becomes a legitimate EU member.

Ukraine is not alone, it has friends in Europe - Bayers


The current situation in Ukraine cannot be viewed in isolation from All-European and worldwide processes, so said Steven Bayers, British MP, Head of the YES Board, said so during a round-table session "Agenda - 2020" and future relations between Ukraine and the EU".

Prominent Western politicians believe in the EU perspective of Ukraine


Friday June 29 in Livadia palace, Yalta, Crimea plenary sessions of the 4th annual meeting of Yalta European Strategy (YES) started.

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