The Victor Pinchuk Foundation is launching scholarship program "Zavtra.UA"

This is the first nationwide program on supporting the talented youth which is implemented with private funds. The program “Zavtra.UA” is a part of projects complex within the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in the educational and scientific sphere.

“The Cradles of Hope”: Victor Pinchuk Foundation has opened a new neonatal intensive care center
Neonatal intensive care center was opened in the maternity hospital of the Vladimerets town (Rovenskaya region). It was done within the Cradles of Hope program being implemented by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation which envisages a networking of the neonatal centers nationwide.
YES has presented “Agenda 2020”, a plan of integration of Ukraine into the European Union
In Livadia Palace (Crimea, Ukraine), the third annual meeting of “Yalta European Strategy”, an international network for Ukraine in EU, has accomplished its work. At its closing plenary session, the YES has presented “Agenda 2020”, a plan for Ukraine’s integration into the EU, which outlines a set of preparatory steps for Ukraine’s entry to the EU.
Aleksandr Kwasniewski is a newly elected member of YES board

Ex-President of Poland Aleksandr Kwasniewski has been elected a member of the board of the international network for Ukraine in the European Union "Yalta European Union" (YES). It was announced by Victor Pinchuk, founder and board member of this international organization, at the closing of the YES Third Annual Conference in the Livadia Palace of Yalta.

The Third annual meeting of the international network for Ukraine in European Union “Yalta European Strategy” (YES)
Among the guests and participants of this meeting, there were above 150 policy-makers, public figures and diplomats from Europe and USA, including members of parliaments and EU foreign ministers, heads of EU diplomatic missions in Ukraine, deputies of European Parliament.
“Cradles of Hope”: The Victor Pinchuk Foundation has started the national networking of neonatal centers in Ukraine.
On 1 June, the Day of Advocacy of Children, the neonatal center, an intensive therapy department for newborns, was launched in the Chernigov maternity hospital. The center was opened within the Cradles of Hope program which is developed and funded by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation with a view to facilitate solving of the infant mortality problem.
International Conference "Ukraine After the Elections"
Over 200 home and foreign policy experts, journalists, businessmen, academia and simply people who care about Ukraines future gathered in Berlin on April 25, 2006, for an international conference Ukraine After the Elections
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Ukrainian breakfast in Davos «Ukraine 2020 - New Reality, New Narrative, New Challenges»


3nd Munich Ukrainian Lunch


Ukrainian breakfast in Davos


TV-report about 11th Forum of scholarship programs

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Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s Zavtra.UA Programme Announces Start of Open Competition for 4th “YOU Camp – Youth, Opportunities, Unity” Summer Camp


The Victor Pinchuk Foundation’s Zavtra.UA scholarship programme with support of the Coca-Cola Foundation announce the start of the open competition for the 4th “YOU Camp – Youth, Opportunities, Unity” summer camp for Ukrainian 1-6 year students. 

17th YES Annual Meeting Postponed Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic


The 17th Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting originally planned for ‪September 10-12, 2020, is postponed until 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Victor Pinchuk has told about quarantine and fighting the Covid-19 pandemic


Victor Pinchuk has spoken with about the quarantine and fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Read the full interview text below

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