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Optimism of Davos and Kiev Sadness

“In 1996”, says Yevhen Marchuk, former Prime Minister of Ukraine, “I chaired the first Ukrainian panel in Davos. It was called ‘Where Ukraine Heading?’, just as the one held eleven years on, in 2007. I propose a toast that we may live to see the day when it finally becomes clear where exactly our country has arrived!”

Source: Expert Ukraine
Ukraine's Interpipe signs contract with Italian co to build modern electric steel making facility

Leading steel company INTERPIPE, signed a major new contract yesterday with Italian company Danieli to build a state of the art electric steel making facility.

Source: Business Wire
Ukraine to launch costly upgrade of steel plants

Ukraine's steel barons are pushing ahead with costly upgrades aimed at reducing their dependence on increasingly expensive natural gas imports from Russia and central Asia.

Source: Financial Times
The Observer's "Persons of the Year" 2006

Ukrainians should be rightly understood as a generous lot. Walk around Kyiv, for example, and watch the people taking care of stray animals outside their flats, or dropping their pocket change into the cups of street singers and the old, whose pensions sit firmly on the poverty line. However, organized charities are often seen as foreign entities, and the best-known do come from abroad. But that perception is changing, and charitable foundations created by members of Ukraine's industrial elite are gaining the limelight.

Source: The Observer
Viktor Pinchuk: a man of the year

A prominent industrialist and media magnate Victor Pinchuk has been damaged by the last change of the country’s president more than the other oligarchs.

Source: Korrespondent
VICTOR PINCHUK: a film, a mission, and a vision

The setting was a historic Kiev theater. More than 2,000 people-including Ukraine's president and prime minister-gathered together on a chilly, moonlit October night.

Source: Lifestyles Magazine
Interview: I’m interested more in the society than in politics

In the interview to Delo paper Viktor Pinchuk talked on the Ukrainian lunch in Davos. President Klinton and Kwasniewski as well as WTO Director Genral Pascal Lami are invited...

Source: Delo
Interview: "My longstanding dream has come true at last: I've practically finished setting of the Japanese garden"
Interview: "My longstanding dream has come true at last: I've practically finished setting of the Japanese garden"

The advance of our country toward the European Union has no alternative. Still to oppose the EU integration of Ukraine and strengthening of our ties with Russia is either slyness, or just stupidity.

Source: "Korrespondent", 17 August 2006
Interview: Ms. Tymoshenko is one of the the most potent and effective domestic politicians

Here are the answers of Pinchuk to the questions from a dozen of journalists from various publications.

Ukraine: Firmly planted in East and West

Orange or blue? West or east? EU or CIS? Ukraine seems to be confined to making “either-or” choices and thus condemned to cutting the Gordian knot. But must it be resolved like this? For Ukrainians and those interested in Ukraine, the answer is no.

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