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Viktor Pinchuk. The art of retirement

Having mixed business and politics, the Ukrainian oligarch has refound his innocence again by turning into a philanthropist and amateur supporter of contemporary art.

Source: Le Monde
St Paul in retirement

Now at least this oligarch from the Ukraine wants to spend his money wisely. He sponsors culture, drives the EU entry campaign - and earns respect for himself.

Source: FT Deutschland
Ukraine’s Philanthropist-and-Promoter-in-Chief

An Interview with Victor Pinchuk, Founder, Interpipe Corporation and Founder and Chairman, Victor Pinchuk Foundation, Kiev, Ukraine

Source: Leaders
Interview to the Internet edition "Ukrainska Pravda". Part two

Then, there was this concert on Maidan with more than 200 thousands of listeners and everyone was really happy. The people came together irrespective of their political slants.

Interview to the Internet edition "Ukrainska Pravda". Part one

I protect myself by protecting the country. I do it through implementation of democratic reforms. I always state the importance of EU membership which is the only effective way to implement these reforms.


This article is available only in Ukrainian and Russian

Rating of the "Korrespodent" magazine. The wealthiest men in Ukraine. Victor Pinchuk

The Dniepropetrivsk billionaire has managed to double his capital for the last year. Accordingly, compared to the last year ranking made by Korrespondent, Pinchuk outrode his closest pursuer, Igor Kolomoiskiy, (No. 3) by more than $ 2 bln

Source: Korrespondent
Volunteering wealthmen

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet — the USA, Ingvar Kamprad — Sweden, Lakshmi Mittal — India, Konosuke Matsushita — Japan, Silvio Berlusconi — Italy, Roman Abramovich — Russia... Each country aspiring to become a trendsetter in the world economy has its own face. Who is worthy of representing Ukraine abroad?

Source: Kontrakty
The odd couple trying to set Ukraine on road to Europe

Accompanied by Viktor Pinchuk, the second-richest man in Ukraine, Mr Kwasniewski followed a route from Lviv, in the west, to Donetsk, in the east, which exposed the fault lines running through this country of 50 million people. While the West spies a chance to rejoin its European kin, the pro-Russian East holds firmly to family ties with Moscow.

Source: The Times
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