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Report on the 7th Yalta Annual Meeting, Euronews


Future Generation Art Prize Launch

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„LENKOM” closes its touring season in Kiev with the premier play “One Flew Over The Cocoo’s Nest” (Eclipse)


At the close of its touring season in Kiev, the Moscow Theatre “Lenkom” shows the Ukrainian spectators a scenic fantasy after Ken Kinsey’s novel “One Flew Over The Cocoo’s Nest” (Eclipse). Stage director is Oleksandr Morfov.

YES/DGAP International Conference in Berlin: Prime Minister of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich Presents New Steps Toward Europe to Political and Expert Community


Over 300 home and foreign policy professionals, government representatives, businessmen, experts and journalists gather in Berlin to discuss new steps in development of relations between Ukraine and the EU.

A tour of the legendary Moscow theatre “LENCOM” started in Kyiv


A tour of the legendary Moscow theatre “LENCOM” started in Kyiv. The Ukrainian spectators will have the chance to see three performances in the coming three weeks: “The City of Millionaires”, “Va-Bank” and “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” (The Eclipse). This is the first full-fledged tour of the theatre in Ukraine in the last five years.

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